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Salmon Sawmilling

Salmon Sawmilling is a portable sawmilling business based in Golden Bay, owned by Tony Salmon and Jeff Salmon.  
The business was started early 2011 and is already close to a full time occupation.

We run a Mahoe minimax sawmill which is geared more towards milling larger volumes of timber however virtually any logs can be economically processed by our sawmmill.
Maximum log size able to be milled is 6m in length by 2m diameter.  Maximum cut is 300mm vertically and 200mm horizontally so the largest beam size able to be cut is 300mm by 200mm by 6 meters in length.

The mill is easily transportable and sets up anywhere there is enough space.  The site doesn’t need to be level but flat is preferable to steep!

We can move logs up to around 6 ton as long as the site is close to level.

A slabing attachment allows logs up to 1.5m across to be slabed into flitches.  A large chainsaw bar is attached in place of the usual circular blades and has a self-feed mechanism which allows the operator to stand back and watch the work being done!  The finished slabs have that rough chainsaw finish but tend to be smoother than slabs milled using a traditional chainsaw mill.   Maximum length of slab able to but cut is around 5m. Click here for photos

We love getting out and meeting new people also talking about trees, milling etc and are only too happy to give free quotes and advice on tree felling and milling.

We are registered for milling native timber.  Please contact Angela Lowery on 03 9431786 (Christchurch MAF) for a permit.  We’ve found Angela brilliant to deal with and you should have a permit with a week or so of applying.  It really is easy and there is no cost. 
All native timber requires a permit before being milled.
Pricing (all prices are + GST)

Set up fee is $100.  This covers getting the mill on site etc.  If we need to move the mill to another location on the same job we charge another $100 due to the time involved so getting as many logs in one location as possible does save money.

Our base rate is $170 per cubic meter of cut timber cut.  Occasionally we charge extra if the job is small enough and we are open to negotiation for large jobs.

General chainsaw work (tree felling etc) is charged at $30 per hour